Buy Abstract Art – Tips for Purchasing Art Online

If you are wanting to buy abstract art, you are lucky to have thousands of choices at your fingertips. There are many modern paintings for sale that you can easily search and purchase today, even if it’s after normal gallery hours. These unique paintings are not only from your community, but are available from all over the world. For this, you can thank the computer age.The computer age has brought many changes in our culture. Today, people are banking online, buying toasters and video games online, renting movies online, and searching for homes online. It is understandable that the typical brick and mortar art galleries would see changes as well. Why are these changes beneficial–and how can you benefit?For the artist, the internet has brought the ability to reach large numbers of interested buyers from all over the world, without even leaving their studios. It is a situation that most galleries cannot provide. Also, because galleries normally charge around 40% gallery fee to the artist, many artists are finding (especially in this economy) that they are able to earn more selling directly to their collectors. Also, many galleries work on a weekly or monthly cycle, so artists sometimes have to wait 30 days for payment. Many artists are choosing to sell online because they are paid immediately. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love galleries and have my work in many of them. But, for many artists, being invisible online means that they are losing many potential fans of their work who wouldn’t see it if they live in another state or country.For the art purchaser, the internet has brought choices and a better purchase environment. Now, you can browse art online instead of gallery hopping in one community at a time. Of course, art always looks better in person–and there’s definitely a place for galleries–but now you can see many more styles which help you pick out the perfect painting for your home. If you are needing to make a purchase quickly, you aren’t limited to your neighboring cities’ galleries. Now you can see art from all over the world. Also, purchasing online gives you a chance to talk directly to the artist about having a piece commissioned or even to haggle a little. Most artists will lose patience with extreme low-balling, but sometimes you would be surprised to find out that an artist will go down on the price of a second piece if you have purchased one at full price. Another great benefit of buying abstract art online is because you can use Photoshop to take a jpeg of the art and place it in a jpeg of the room you are considering. This makes it easy to see what the piece will look like–and this is hard to visualize in a gallery setting. If you don’t know how to do this just ask the artist. Many use Photoshop and will gladly do it for you if it means they will have a potential sale.Where do I go to buy abstract art online?Although you can do a search for abstract art online, many fantastic artists will never show up at the top. I recommend several online galleries who give the buyer access to many different artists as well as making the transactions easy–oftentimes with fixed return policies and shipping requirements. Also, many of them have a buying and selling “history” (usually called feedback), much like a credit score, so that you can see exactly how trustworthy the seller is. I’m going to let you know about three of my favorite galleries, and help get you started on your path to online collecting.eBayMost people are familiar with eBay, but many don’t know that there are amazing pieces of art for sale every minute on this worldwide site. Many artists are extremely reputable, with paintings ranging from $200 to $7000. On eBay, you may get lucky and get a great deal at an auction. You can also make some artists an offer on a piece they have in their store. Also, you can buy directly from their store or even contact them for a commissioned piece. eBay has changed a lot in the past two years and many artists have gone to other sites because of lack of visibility. However, you can still find many great artists selling on eBay.EtsyEtsy is a site which focuses on all things handmade. Not only will you find art here, but also anything handmade. Unlike Ebay, it’s strictly for the artist and craftsperson. But, it is a rising star. Even Jessica Alba admitted on national television that she buys lots of baby clothes on Etsy. Like Ebay, Etsy also offers the ability to see an artists “feedback” as well as the ability to make a purchase online. Although Etsy doesn’t have a feature to “Make an Offer”, you can always write the artist directly and see if they will come off their price a little–especially on multiple purchases. Like eBay, Etsy also gives you the ability to contact the artist to see if they will create a piece just for you.ArtfireArtfire is my favorite new up and coming site for art and other things handmade. Like eBay and Etsy, Artfire offers a way to check on the integrity of the seller (called “Karma”) as well as the ability to contact the artist for a commissioned piece. Artfire does not have a feature which allows you to make an offer on a painting, however, just like Etsy, I would advise you to contact the artist and ask. But, the best part about Artfire is that you don’t have to be a member to make a purchase. You can purchase directly with your credit card without having to fill out a lengthy registration form and go through countless confirmation emails. Although Artfire is the newest of these sites, I expect it to be around for many years to come.So now that you are ready to find that perfect piece of art for your home or place of business, things will go much smoother if you can remember these tips. Try to purchase from an artist who has had some experience selling online and who is selling in a place who offers a feedback rating. Ask if the artist offers a return policy–many do, if not a full refund then for merchandise credit. Look for a professional looking listing. Many artists who sell full time have more professional looking online stores, which separates them from the hobbyist who may not take the transaction seriously. When you are ready to make that purchase, just click and your new painting will be on it’s way.

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